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Blankets for Controlling Erosion

Mar 10

Erosion can be one of the most difficult environmental problems on Earth.

Humans can also contribute to this problem by construction, mining and irrigation.

These activities increase every day and erosion will only get worse if there is no solution. Hydroseeding Colorado blankets can solve this problem.

Eroding blankets are made of either organic or synthetic materials, or a combination.

Organic materials include straw, wood excelsior and coconut fiber. Synthetic materials are synthetic fibers, polypropylene, and polypropylene.

  • Zones which apply

Use erosion control blankets on open land to stop soil erosion and preserve soil stability.

These can be used to encourage the growth and development of new vegetation.

1. Construction

Building a house requires a lot soil movement and replanting.

2. Mining

Mining activities can also be done on the land. This can affect the flow and cause soil erosion. This can result in more erosion-prone sediments.

3. Restoration of Wetlands

Climate change has made heavy rains, storms, floods, and flooding more common. Destructive erosion patterns can be very common in water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans.

Combining such activities can have a negative effect on waterways.

These same principles can be applied to other areas as well:

  • Waterways liners

  • Water management of low- and high-flow streams

  • Reconstruction the shoreline

  • Stabilization for slopes

  • Road ditches

  • Establishing wildflowers

  • The Advantages of Erosion Control Blankets

Why choose erosion control blankets instead of other methods to fight erosion?

1. Cost-efficient

We have stated that erosion control blankets can be more economically than other options. These blankets can be assembled quickly.

2. Multifunctional

These blankets are used to control erosion, but also have other uses

3. It is easy to use

No need to be technical in order to use erosion blankets.

4. Environment friendly

Eroding control blankets do not affect the environment. They are easily disintegrated and can be incorporated into soil structures.

  • The Best Erosion Control Blankets

There is a wide range of erosion control blankets.

Some can be photographed, but others are biodegradable. Some can take a while to dissolve.

Standard blankets measure 75 square feet. These blankets are most popular and can be used in all environments.

These blankets work best for erosion control.

1. Coconut Erosion Control Blanket

2. Blanket for controlling erosion with grass seeds

3. Cover for Biodegradable Erosion

4. Permanent Erosion Control Blanket

5. Erosion Control Blanket for Steep Slopes

6. High-Velocity Erosion Prevention blanket

7. Heavy-Duty Erosion Control Blanket

8. Blankets containing seeds for erosion control

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